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Real Targeted Twitter Followers

• UNIQUE SERVICE only offered by us!

• 100% REAL Followers.

• 100% Safe, No Risk, Anonymous!

• Password Required.

• Desired Target Audiences.

• 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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We guarantee that these Twitter followers are real people and that no bots or proxies will be used in the delivery of your Twitter followers.
We do require your username and password to generate the real targeted followers.
We also require your desired target audience’s information as well

These are targeted real people using whatever keyword, topic, or age group that you like. We only guarantee the delivery of this service. We cannot control the activity of real people. Real people unfollow, so once this is ordered, the numbers could fall off at a rapid rate. This service also increases both your following number and your followers.

We use a sophisticated and safe process that introduces your personal Twitter profile and tweets to fresh people/companies/accounts in your target field and location. These clients then have the option to follow you if they like your Twitter content/profile/tweets.

Our service guarantees thousands of targeted, real human Twitter followers delivered to your profile that will read your information and ultimately increase your traffic and sales.

Our team of marketing experts understands your personal need for high exposure and has created highly competitive package options to choose from.

We guarantee that all of your followers will stick to your side and perform as real people do, because they are real.

We perform Targeted Searches of fresh and unique followers in your target field of interest and target geo-location.

For example, you may wish us to find clients in the following arena: “small business,” “business marketing,” “SEO,” “business investment,” “startup,” “entrepreneurship,” etc.

You can be very specific with your target request as we use highly advanced software that accesses the entire Twitter community in real time to fulfill your target search requests and assure accurate searches of fresh quality tweets/profiles. All searches are updated on a continuing/hourly basis to assure your target clients are of the best possible quality.

Since we only connect you with people in your own chosen target field of interest and location, the growth and success ratio of people following you is exceptionally high!

Our process assures producing clients who are really interested in what you are (tweeting) about; this is also the reason why the followers produced by our service will stay connected to your account without vanishing (like what happens with other services that just add random followers to your account without proper targeting…)

Our process is the most secure method and it is 100% compliant with Twitter’s rules and regulations, and it also eliminates Twitter spam by 100%.

About marketing speed/growth:

As you may know how Twitter works, the first steps in gaining followers are the most challenging since Twitter implies a barrier at the first 2000 followers, but after reaching 2000 followers, things speed up a lot.

It is our experience that it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to gain the first 2000 followers (it mainly depends on how many followers you have at the time we begin marketing).

After passing the 2000 followers barrier, marketing increases exponentially using our unique and safe target-marketing approach. Once your account has reached 5000 followers, we bring up to 400 new followers per day!

The hurdle is really just the beginning to get things up to speed, which indeed requires a lot of experience and skill. We always make sure that your marketing is performed in a highly professional, safe and secure way to avoid hitting any Twitter limitations and to maintain 100% compliance with Twitter’s TOS at all times.

Compared to many other marketing companies out there, it is our utmost priority that your account is 100% safe and secure at all times.

We are well known for our specialty of producing highly targeted followers and for running our service with a zero spam policy (which other companies cannot say. With our method, you do not risk having your account suspended by Twitter!)