The social networking service, Twitter, has gained popularity over years after first introduced by Jack Dorsey in March 2006. This medium provides access to conversations and discussions about emerging world events or trending topics allowing followers and subscribers share and express their comments and opinions. Nowadays, Twitter is being utilized to gain credibility and business purposes. Of course, who would have wanted to follow a Twitter account with only a few followers?  Or would be convinced to buy the product with an endorsing Twitter account with fewer subscribers? Therefore, these only mean that the more followers you have, the more you prove your worth and the more power that you have.   Now, you can increase your sales and profit thus, increase your followers in just a snap.

Twitter followers packages are now available. These packages come in Twitter followers provided by the service operators, real Twitter followers, and verified celebrity Twitter followers. Twitter followers provided by service operators are inactive which means that these do not interact. Yet, these will still increase the number of fans that you have and encourage real Twitter users. Unlike in real Twitter followers, these are “real” people gathered by operators from high traffic fan pages, primarily on Twitter itself, YouTube, and other social networking sites that generate valued social media users for your account but takes a bit longer than acquiring inactive followers. With the celebrity Twitter followers, this allows you to brag and boast with your friend that you have a “verified” (making it believable) that you have a celebrity follower. If you have a product that you want to introduce in your account, then your celebrity followers may serve as your endorsers encouraging more buyers hence, making a progress in your business line.

Here are the key features of the 3 Twitter packages in brief:

Twitter Followers Package

  • Increases Twiiter followers (inactive) provided by service operators
  • permanent twitter followers are guaranteed
  • imposes NO RISK for account suspension
  • NO PASSWORDS required

Real/Active Twitter Followers

  • High quality Twitter followers (involves real people)
  • Twitter followers are interactive and produces persuading comments about your account
  • NO RISK for account suspension and anonymous
  • NO PASSWORDS required to activate the package
  • Limited duration only

Celebrity Twitter Followers

  • Contains “verified” celebrity Twitter followers
  • Account gains popularity and can be used for major endorsements to attract buyers
  • NO PASSWORDS required
  • Limited duration only

Twitter packages possess advantages and limitation with regards to their uses. Service providers of Twitter packages do not use software or automated program. Prior to purchase, you will have to wait 24 to 48 hours to see the results. You can purchase these packages more than once.  Twitter followers are permanent, thus these do not require passwords. However, the service has a limited time offer.  To provide continuous utilization of this system, you will have to purchase the package again after the duration limit expires.

The followers’ delivery is active for 90 days. If you lose Twitter followers, service operators will replace them for free.

The packages guarantee to protect the confidentiality of consumers. Service provider will not access as well as share information regarding your account, and most importantly, will not reveal to your followers that you are patronizing to Twitter Marketing Service. You can also use an alias to protect your true identity to service operators

If the service providers fail to complete or satisfy your needs, 100% refund is guaranteed, however, there are some exceptions like if the consumer changed his username on the account, made the account private, block followers, or use another Twitter service which are all against the Term of Service of the packages.

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